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A Lawnmower Subversive

About the Wild Grass Portfolio

Looking at a suburban lawn, an adult might imagine sprinkler systems and mowers, but the young at heart can get down on their hands and knees and see a miniature and colorful forest. In this wild grass collection I search for that enchanted land. Amazingly, wild grass obliges by glowing naturally in every color of the rainbow. I love how our preconceived notions of green lawns are completely upturned by the natural colors found in wild grass.

My original intent was to capture the monochromatic jades of a mountain meadow. It was a complete failure. When I got up close and personal—down on my hands and crawling on my belly—I discovered a profusion of colors, especially near the roots where wild grass glimmers in pastel pinks, peaches, and oranges that shine when the sun hits each blade from behind. I now relish my subversive hunt for the most unexpected of hues.

The grass that you see in these photographs is identical to what I see in the viewfinder of the camera. The colors are exactly as I find them in the meadow, adding I hope to the charm and the sense of natural discovery in these photographs.

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Mountain Grass

Subversive colors.


A star in the grass.

Pastel Rainbow

Fading away into a colorful wash, bright wildflowers tint the background.