Fine Art and Nature Photography

The Kayaker’s Companion to
Glacier Bay

Volume 1 covers

  • Logistics, gear selection, trip prep, itinerary suggestions
  • Tide and nautical chart info for novices and experts
  • Safety tips for open water crossings, bears, etc.
  • 82 photographs, maps, and illustrations
  • 186 pp.

Volume 2 covers

  • The entire east side of Glacier Bay
  • Includes Park Headquarters
  • Includes kayaking favorites: East Arm and Beardslees
  • 130 photographs, 16 maps, 127+ campsites
  • 258 pp.

Volume 3 covers

  • The entire west side of Glacier Bay
  • Includes the popular West Arm and its calving glaciers
  • 135 photographs, 15 maps, 129+ campsites
  • 262 pp.

What else do you get?

  • More than a normal guide!
  • Filled with fun science and history found nowhere else
  • Filled with professional photography by the author
  • Authored by the park’s first Artist in Residence
  • Authored by a glaciologist (perfect, right?)
  • Photography specific to each chapter and inlet you visit
  • Insights from someone who knows the park inside and out

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