About The Art

Broadly defined, my artwork is either of nature or inspired by nature. Like many before me, I could never be comfortable in a world without wilderness, and I am at my happiest when traveling the remotest corners of the globe. Unaltered landscapes have become increasingly difficult to find, let alone to photograph—telephone poles, roads, and buildings fill the American West. Although iconic, I have become increasingly reluctant to take yet another look at Old Faithful, The Grand Teton, or Yosemite Valley. I love those places, but their sense of unknown and wild has waned with their waxing familiarity. Instead, I search for less familiar subjects, and in my photographs you will see my addiction to places where cell phone reception is nonexistent and tourists are unusual.

My Grass Portfolio

Although entirely natural, the kaleidoscopic explosion of colors and shapes in wild mountain grass can be surreal. For details about the process and my artistic intent, see “A Lawnmower Subversive”.

My Fire Portfolio

Destructive flames have an odd allure. After months of photographing wild and prescribed burns near Boulder, Colorado, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for wildland firefighters. They do a valuable, romantic, and difficult job. But my opinions about wildland fire mitigation are more nuanced. For details about fires and my artistic intent, see “One End of the Forest”.

My Footprints Portfolio

Each step is a tiny plant cell on a colorful flower petal or leaf. By carefully choosing the focus, I have selected a path of cells that appear to move up and around hills and obstacles like a trail in the woods. As you might expect, this work involves holding my breath and waiting for complete calm. The photographs in this portfolio are achieved with traditional cameras and lenses rather than microscopes. For details, see “Footprints on Flower Petal Dunes”.

My Mixed-Media Studio Art

In some portfolios, I have painted images with viscous oils onto warped glass. As the oil slowly runs, the temporary image is captured with a photograph. The oil’s ever-changing distorted expressions of reality are perfect for examining the political discussion of climate change or for expressing the reality-warping ennui of back surgery. For details about my mixed-media abstract works and its close relationship to my nature photography, see “About My Mixed-Media Art Portfolios.”

Not the Tetons. Just somewhere
An example of the amazing colors
in wild mountain meadow grass.
Clearing the Forest.
Tidal Wave
Lizard Tracks.
Tidal Wave
A mixed-media story inspired by
nature: Tidal Wave.