Wild strawberry on blue mussel shell. Glacier Bay National Park.

After twenty consecutive days of sea kayaking, this almost-ripe wild strawberry could not have looked more delicious. Sitting high on the beach, a large patch of strawberries was nestled among blue mussel shells that had been washed above the high tide mark by storms. Although smaller than commercial strawberries, these wild gems tasted far more exquisite, no doubt all the more appealing because I found them after eating dehydrated food for the better part of a month.

Photographed during my Artist in Residency at Glacier Bay National Park. For funding my stay, I am very grateful to the National Park Service, Alaska Geographic, and the Voices of the Wilderness program.

Incidentally, a diminutive strawberry looks quite fun when enlarged to huge sizes; and in any print, a close inspection of one of the strawberry pips on the lower right reveals a little surprise.